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Hey, I’m Scott.

An entrepreneur, marketing consultant, father, undrafted NBA free agent, tech junkie, novice dog walker, data geek & an unshakable optimist. If I had one superpower, it is finding simplicity in the complex.

I’ve started this site to share ideas, tools, and resources that I’ve found (or am still finding) to be useful throughout my career. My hope is to give inspiration, advice, and a practical toolsets to use as you achieve your goals.

Building Businesses

After more than a decade in the Silicon Valley leading a startup as Chief Marketing Officer, I’ve brought startup scrappiness, marketing innovation, and modern brand building to Fortune 500 companies through my consulting work at Bergner Consulting Group.

I have been extremely fortunate to have met incredible people who have inspired, trained, and guided me, and hope that I can add some value and have some fun on your journey.

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