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Scott Bergner

Marketing Consultant

I am a modern digital marketing consultant with a passion for implementation. Although developing a strategy is critical, executing that strategy with precision while having the flexibility to iterate as you learn has always driven the best results throughout my career. I’ve been fortunate throughout my professional career to have helped some of the largest brands on the planet and noteworthy startups modernize their approach to marketing while bringing a scrappy startup mentality to delivering scalable omnichannel strategies that drive results.

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After more than a decade in the Silicon Valley leading a startup as Chief Marketing Officer, Scott works with companies to create marketing strategies that combine innovation, agility, technology, and a modern approach to demand.   

Recent examples of Scott’s work include the following:

incubated dozens of products for a F100 brand through developing minimum viable products, executing the promotions to collect market research, validating a route to market, and iterating until there is product market fit

driving 10 percent growth for a multi-category online retailer by enabling advanced analytics and next-generation customer-relationship-management capabilities

increasing the speed of digital marketing testing by 50 percent for a multichannel retailer by implementing an agile operating model

powering 20 percent growth for a multichannel global brand, through accelerating digital capabilities and capturing value through e-commerce optimization

designing and implementing a cross-channel marketing strategy based on customer-lifetime-value insights, identifying 5 additional points of growth


Scott has worked across numerous industries but specializes in consumer goods, technology, travel, education, sports, and venture capital. Scott has served clients in China, Europe, and the United States, and has worked across the consumer/retail value chain. 


> Digital Marketing

> Paid Media



> eCommerce

> Technology

> Digital Transformations

> New Product Launch

> Problem Solving (quantitative, conceptual, analytical)

> Agile Marketing

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